Since the energy industry – oil, gas, chemical, mining, nuclear – concentrates specific requirements and multiple risks, health support for employees on site must be specific and adaptable to each site.

The challenges of offshore and onshore activities are numerous: complex work in areas that are often far from any health care structure; a desire for productivity with a constant concern for compliance with international recommendations on diligence and vigilance; a requirement for performance without neglecting health and safety in the workplace; a duty to ensure continuity of operations with constant maintenance of the full capacity of personnel on site; a high risk of accidents and disasters on the sites; operations in territories with a high risk of insecurity.

With a global and thorough understanding of the health and safety risks to which international companies are exposed, I-MASH provides you with concrete, operational answers adapted to the realities of the industry and the field. As ensuring the safest possible working environment is one of your core concerns, I-MASH offers you tailor-made solutions and deploys its teams wherever you need them. Fully committed to your needs, our doctors and nurses, experienced in all types of missions, guarantee quality healthcare for your employees, as well as for their expatriate families or local beneficiaries. Constantly attentive to your needs and in ongoing cooperation with your Prevention, Health and Safety at Work office, our specialists enable you to remain in compliance with the most demanding standards and to effectively protect the health of your employees.

Our assets:

  • Advice and support to anticipate, coordinate and manage all your health concerns in an optimal manner


  • Customized solutions adapted to the specific concerns of each operating site


  • The implementation of expert medical and surgical teams according to your needs


  • The implementation of modular care infrastructures when a site is opened up.


  • A complete health care offer with a medical clinic service providing treatment and hospitalization capacity on site


  • Assistance in the gathering of health data in medical registers with the recording and reporting of health events and serious incidents on site


  • Participation in the development of emergency and site evacuation plans with regular drills.

Our guarantees:

  • Ensure high quality health safety against multiple risks of accident, fire, explosion, poisoning by chemical agents or harmful gases

  • Guarantee 7-day-a-week care for your employees, their expatriate families and your local beneficiaries

  • Be a partner in supporting you in your warrant with the identification of risks and the reduction of negative impacts in the various activities of the operation

  • Maintain continuity of operations and productivity by offering telemedicine solutions: specialized medical advice to avoid early and repeated relief of your agents

  • Provide medical conditioning and transportation when medical repatriation of personnel is required

  • Increase your performance and reduce your health-related costs by being an actor in the prevention of risks and enabling the application of safety standards at work with your health and safety office.