You work in the security field and are used to sending teams abroad to protect your clients. You have to deal with areas that are sometimes isolated or hostile and access to healthcare is a real stake.
I-MASH allows you to complete and reinforce your offer with an integrated medical support.
We set up a medical or medical/surgical device tailored to your constraints to offer a health solution.

Used to sensitive areas, our teams will integrate perfectly into your logistics to ensure the medical support of your employees as well as your clients. Thus, with our services, you will make the difference by offering your customers an additional service that is necessary in a constantly changing healthcare and security context. Close to your employees and concerned about the interest you have for your clients, I-MASH will accompany you with all the confidentiality and flexibility necessary throughout the world.

Our assets:

  • The implementation of an in-depth healthcare expertise of your needs thanks to the experience acquired in our various missions
  • A flexible advice to your management in the analysis of the missions and the setting up of procedures allowing the maintenance of an optimal health level of your employees and clients.
  • On-site assistance for the implementation of emergency and evacuation plans with regular drills.
  • Training of your agents in first aid with mentoring solutions in accordance with your operating environment.
  • Organization and follow-up of the medical repatriation of your agents or your clients in case of emergency

Our guarantees:

  • Deployment of our expertise in providing demanding medical support in a critical environment or in the event of a crisis
  • Provide medical and paramedical teams trained in emergencies to support you in high-risk movements of VIPs, regardless of the duration
  • Operate at the core of your system with all the necessary confidentiality.
  • Adapting to the standards and requirements of the VIPs you are protecting, while maintaining permanent confidentiality