Health Riviera

The concierge and medical Tourism service, by I-MASH

From health check up to the most personalized health care, I-MASH organizes your medical and tourist stay on the French Riviera, thanks to its concierge and medical tourism service HEALTH RIVIERA. Be seduced by the region’s beauty and the fascinating places to explore, discover the top tourist attractions while experiencing a medical network of excellence : I-MASH takes care of everything.

As soon as you contact us, you will be taken care of by an I-MASH team’s medical doctor.

You are looking forward : to having a health check-up or a more extensive medical examination ? to getting a consultation or a specialist opinion in a specific area (cardiology, dermatology, pneumology, oncology, etc.) ? to benefiting from the highest standards of surgical and medical care adapted to your situation ? or to simply getting vaccinated against COVID ? For you, we choose the best : the most accurate diagnosis and/or the most appropriate treatment in our high-quality french medical network establishments located in the french riviera.

I-MASH is more than just a medical support. Our health support as well as your “à la carte” logistical support are a priority.

This is why, beyond the quality of the health care we provide you, we can fully deal with the logistical organization of your stay, however you choose, for one day, few days, a week or longer, whether if  you come alone, accompanied or with your whole family. You will be wellcomed in the respect of your privacy,  in places where equipment and fournitures meet your wishes : luxury hotels or luxury villas, private drivers, personnal translator, helicopter transfers, meals prepared by renowned chefs …

In all seasons, wheither you seek peace and nature or you are seduced by the tourist attractions of the French Riviera, I-MASH offers you the flexibility of a personnalized high quaity medical stay in an exceptional environment, making you find why south east of France has a way of romancing visitors.

Eager to enjoy the French Riviera, to Discover what makes the place so alluring and learn about the fascinating places to explore while benefiting from high quality medical care?

With HEALTH RIVIERA, you benefit from a stay combining French medical excellence with
high-standard concierge service to organize your visit. Close to you and responsive, we are
at your side throughout the world for your health support, but also to guarantee you a
tailor-made service, combining medical care and tourism, in our network of partner
structures in the South-East of France, but also in Paris or in Monaco

Contact HEALTH RIVIERA, the concierge and medical tourism service by I-MASH.

Don’t forget : As soon as you contact us, you will be taken care of by an I-MASH team’s medical doctor… High quality from the first step.

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