Gouvernment Institutions

The increasing strain on the global environment forces governments to constantly deploy personnel, sometimes accompanied by their families, to specific or even high-risk locations. These deployments often occur in remote areas with limited access to health systems and increased health risks: insecurity, unsafe territories or already in conflict, car accidents, tropical diseases… Governments often lack the human resources to send their own healthcare facilities on site.

Born out of the know-how and experience of its members, I-MASH has a perfect command of missions in difficult or isolated environments on a worldwide level. To meet this need, I-MASH offers much more than just healthcare assistance. We support you with a structured approach of advice and expertise to help you in the implementation of a high quality outsourced medical support.

As the health safety of your agents and the maintenance of operational capacities on site remain our priority, we define with you a tailor-made system guaranteeing your men and women optimal medical care.
If the health situation requires it, we can set up a medical-surgical structure (NATO Role2 type) composed of specialized and experienced teams capable of responding to both daily health support and the inflow of patients in case of an exceptional crisis situation.
Thanks to our teamwork, the possibility of collaborating with allied nations and the permanent application of good practices with the respect of international standards of care, we are perfectly adaptable to this type of mission.

Our assets :


  • A consultative approach of advice and know-how to ensure optimal care for government officials in a complex and sometimes sensitive local environment

  • Private expertise for high quality outsourced medical support to governments around the world

  • Expertise in surgical damage control in life-threatening emergencies for stabilization and medical evacuation

  • Technical capabilities for diagnostic assistance with modern biology and imaging equipment

  • Modular infrastructures with hospitalization capacities (NATO Role2 type)

Our guarantees:


  • Provide medical, surgical and paramedical teams available 7 days a week

  • Guarantee the health control of an inflow of patients in case of an exceptional crisis situation

  • Permanently prevent risks, hygiene and safety at work with a desire to maintain the operational capacities of the personnel on site

  • Train your teams or those of allied nations with medical mentoring solutions