Who are we?


I-MASH provides you with more than just regular medical support

As a new player in international medical support, I-MASH offers excellent French medical support wherever you need it.

Specialized in medical support in sensitive or isolated areas, we offer you a tailor-made service to ensure the healthcare of your employees or clients in every situation.

Patrick Attané, CEO of I-MASH: "I-MASH was founded on the assessment that there is a real need for quality healthcare support in the world that is currently not adequately fulfilled by existing solutions. We want to provide a simple, tailor-made alternative without any concession on the quality of healthcare. Our ambition: to give each client the resources to ensure the healthcare of their employees or clients in an optimal way."

Because we have extensive field experience: our management team is surrounded by French expert consultants who have organized and carried out more than 500 missions in numerous and somewhat hostile environments. We master the logistics and have the required skills to take care of all types of wounded or ill people, regardless of the deployment environment.

Because we are specialists in ER, Intensive Care, Surgery, Logistics.

By surrounding ourselves with specialists in each of the disciplines that can be involved in the implementation of medical support, we choose to have uncompromising technical expertise in each field to guarantee

  • the recruitment of teams whose value and skills are certified,
  • the accurate understanding of the problems in the field and the deployment of the relevant skills to deal with them.

Because we are a close-knit company.

Both our clients and our employees are assured of receiving personalized advice throughout the mission, so as to offer a unique service and experience.

We structure our missions around 3 lines:

The geographical area involved with its specific features: quality of the local healthcare offer, elongation times, security risk...

Your sector of activity and its specific risks or constraints: petrochemical risk, NGOs in isolated locations, VIP confidentiality requirements...

Your needs: kind and number of people to assist, emergency care on short missions or residents requiring access to all medical specialties...

A detailed analysis grid allows us to define your needs precisely, to study your working environment and to offer you a solution perfectly adapted to your situation.

Unlike standardized systems, our three-fold tailor-made approach ensures that your health support is adapted to the intrinsic risk of each country and each sector of activity.


Mission & Values

Our purpose? Providing a demanding and efficient healthcare support to everyone, in every situation.
I-MASH is backed by a multidisciplinary team of French doctors, experienced in health missions in all places and situations. Exporting French know-how is part of I-MASH's DNA.
I-MASH provides all its clients - private and public - with trained medical and paramedical teams adapted to each need. Each client has a dedicated referent. These teams are available on location 24 hours a day.
I-MASH chooses its medical staff with the highest standards. Each employee is committed to excellence, combining know-how, flexibility and responsiveness, to ensure good working conditions and a high quality of service.
I-MASH complies with demanding procedures in accordance with international standards of healthcare. It guarantees the high quality of service during the mission, with reactivity and confidentiality.