Our team is dedicated to analyzing your needs and offering you a tailor-made solution. We draw up a rigorous specifications with you and advise you on the best support to implement through personalized solutions. Our high standards will meet your expectations and bring you an innovative solution.


We can guarantee the excellence of our medical and paramedical resources. Our men and women, seasoned and experienced, are recruited by an expert in their field, and will adjust with flexibility to the needs of our clients. Thanks to our numerous collaborators in each specialty, we are able to meet all your needs. Our teams have a common training validated at the international level which allows us to ensure quality care in all circumstances.



From health check up to the most personalized health care, I-MASH organizes your medical and tourist stay on the French Riviera, thanks to its concierge and medical tourism service. With HEALTH RIVIERA, you will enjoy a stay combining French medical excellence with a high standard concierge to organize your visit.
Close to you and responsive, we are by your side throughout the world for your health support, but also to guarantee you a tailor-made service, combining medical care and tourism, in our network of partner hospitals in the South-East of the France.

remote medecine

The modern development of health practices has allowed telemedicine and tele-expertise to become a real tool in patient care. Our tele-assistance service provides privileged access to all medical specialties, going beyond emergencies and on-site care. Whether you are an isolated employee or an expatriate requiring long-term medical monitoring, our specialists provide a permanent medical supervision to meet all your needs.


We strongly believe in the importance of transmitting knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. As a guarantee of quality health support, we organize ongoing training for our teams and offer mentoring missions.
First aid, emergency medicine or training in surgery in hostile environments, whatever the level of competence, I-MASH will teach your employees the knowledge necessary to improve their practices.

I-MASH Health System
“Reliable Health in unstable World”


Nous sommes réalistes.
Nous vous parlerons de nos services en toute transparence, nous vous expliquerons nos méthodes dans le détail et pour les collaborateurs, nous serons clairs sur les missions proposées.


Parce que les feed-back nourrissent l’amélioration continue de nos prestations, nous avons besoin de votre avis, et serons à l’écoute de vos besoins avec agilité et efficacité.


Nous pensons que le soutien sanitaire doit être une solution sur-mesure, modulable, développée grâce à un accompagnement personnalisé en milieu hospitalier comme dans le cadre privé.