You have already working in the field of health care or medical repatriation but encountering HR problems. Your needs evolve over time or must be adapted to your clients.

Whether it is an on-time need in a particular specialty, a mentoring program or logistical support, our solutions are adapted to each of your issues to allow you to work in the best conditions.
I-MASH offers you a scalable and individualized solution. We are careful to provide you with the most suitable workforce for your mission purposes.

Our expert healthcare workers in the emergency field will safely accompany your most fragile patients. By air or road, our healthcare offer will meet all your expectations.

The current security evolution requires you to prepare your teams of healthcare workers for exceptional situations. We will therefore work alongside you with experts for each of these situations, in order to pass on the knowledge, the know-how and the skills that are essential to deal effectively with crisis situations: inflow of seriously injured people, triage, technological or CBRN (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) risk.

Our assets:

  • The availability of medical personnel qualified to repatriate any type of patient, regardless of the means of transport
  •  A panel of practitioners able to meet all your medical and surgical needs, even the most exceptional (tropical and infectious diseases, radio-chemical damage…)
  • Advice on the optimal logistical preparation for the transport of your patients
  •  Mentoring solutions to best prepare your teams for all types of repatriation

Our guarantees:

  • Deploy medical and paramedical staff, experienced in emergency and intensive care, to safely transport your most critical patients.

  • Support you with our human resources for planned or last-minute requests

  • Provide care in a difficult environment, with experienced personnel (cramped location, extended transport time, unstable patient…)