I-MASH provides excellent health support while adapting to your environment. Experienced and multidisciplinary teams will support you anywhere in the world.

Who are we ?

I-MASH delivers more than regular health support

As a new stakeholder in the French healthcare sector, I-MASH relies on its internationally recognized expertise and is committed to working with you to:

  • analyze your specific requirements for a personalized approach to healthcare.
  • Provide you with top-notch counseling on the best health care system to implement.
  • assist you in each step of its implementation
  • provide you with competent teams trained in emergency and crisis situations
  • provide you with all the means to preserve the health of your employees and clients
  • guaranteeing compliance with standards of care and the use of proven methods


Tailor-made services

Since we share this journey with you, and because your requirements are both singular and ever-changing, we are attentive to your concerns and strive to adapt our support with both innovation and flexibility.

Joins Us

Live more than a health support

Interested in a break from the daily grind of your job? You are a qualified healthcare worker: join the I-MASH teams and take part in various missions in advantageous, ethical and secure conditions. With I-MASH, experience a human adventure.