Have you found your optimal Covid-19 quarantine and testing strategy ?

Lab technician holding swab collection kit,Coronavirus COVID-19 specimen collecting equipment,DNA nasal and oral swabbing for PCR polymerase chain reaction laboratory testing procedure and shipping

Finding the optimal Covid-19 quarantine and testing strategy in each situation is a real challenge for institutions of businesses, government, militaries, universities, and numerous other entities.

For instance what strategy should be applied for offshore oil and gas employees who work on rigs for short period on a on-and-off cycle?

It has been shown that the duration of quarantine can be shortened with no increased risk of transmission if paired with RT- PCR testing on day five or six of isolation (with people tested positive staying on quarantined for longer).


Source : Nature communication , Janvier 2021. Chad R.Wells et al. 


Shortening quarantine from ten to seven days (instead of the 10 to 14 days usualy recommanded) with a judiciously chosen testing strategy, would result in drastically lowening the economic and social burden of employers and staff.

The epidemic situation and the type of circulating variant in the area has also to be taken into account in the choice of the quarantine duration.

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