Who is Damage Control for ...?

Damage control surgery is a methodology which involves quickly controlling exsanguinating hemorrhage and/or gross contamination using one or more abbreviated interventions. This procedures can be applied for the management of critically injured patients as well as in mass casualty situations.
Damage control is a Navy term defined as « the capacity of a ship to absorb damage and maintain mission integrity ». After having being used in military mission-related injuries, damage control surgery has spread widely throughout the trauma civilian community as well, du to tragic events (terrorist attacks) or to treatment facilities location (isolated areas). It’s use is now widespread with standardized procedures.
Damage control knowledge has now to be part of every health trauma professional’s background and must be required for any nursing staff acting in a high-risk area.

Source: World J Emerg Surg, March 2021. Dereck J Roberts et al. 


The physicians and surgeons of the I-MASH group are trained and experienced in damage control resuscitation procedures to optimize the management of critically injured patients (approaching physiologic exhaustion) in isolated area with permanent respect of the best standards of care.

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